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      • The self-watering plant guard.

        The best way to protect new plants & trees.

      • Save time, money & water. Save plants.

        Built tough providing ultimate protection in all environments.

      • The self-watering plant guard.

        Easy set-up & lasts for up to 2 weeks with only one fill.

      • Save time, money & water. Save plants.

        Adjustable coil dripper directs water onto the root system.

      • The self-watering plant guard.

        Faster establishment & increased growth rate of newly planted trees.

      • Australian Made.

      • Step 1

        Simply place the Water Tube around the plant & secure with 3 stakes.

      • Step 2

        Tear off the perforated tabs & fill with up to 20L of water.

      • Step 3

        Insert the adjustable coil dripper into the base of the Water Tube. You’re done!